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Sample Daily Schedule

7:30  Chico Christian Preschool opens with supervised indoor play. This is a friendly, informal time. Each child's lunch, diapers, etc., should be dropped off in room 1213. Then please go back to the front of the building and down past the office to room 1217.  Sign him or her in on the clipboard with orange paper. Our Orange Owl children will move to their classes with their teachers around 8:15-8:30.

8:30  The teachers change diapers.

9:00 (or shortly afterwards)  Children accompany their teacher to circle time. Circle time activities include singing, stories and finger plays. Specific games, songs, stories, etc., will be introduced to develop skills, monthly themes, Bible and character building concepts, language, and social skills. It is important to have every child arrive by 9:00 am for this significant teaching time.

9:15-9:20  A snack from preschool is provided for all children. Diapers will be checked and bathroom use encouraged where appropriate. Hands will be washed after bathroom use and before going outside.

10:05  An art project or activity is continued from earlier.

10:30-11:00 Outside time. Activities may include: creative movement, tumbling, obstacle course, parachute, as well as other activities that help to develop large and small muscle skills. Outside time is an excellent time to build social development and self-confidence.

11:00  Diapers changed/checked.

11:30-12:00  Lunch. All lunches come from home.

12:00-12:30  Settle down time. This time includes diaper changes, bathroom time, washing up, and stories. With our very youngest, this time and other rest times will, of course, be flexible and as needed.

12:30-2:30  Rest time.

2:15-2:30  Rest time ends. Children are getting up, using the bathrooms, etc. Children may be inside or out, gradually waking up and getting ready for afternoons. Older children will probably be up and alert. Our little ones may take until 2:30 to be ready for afternoon.

2:30-2:45  Diaper changing and bathroom use are encouraged.

3:00  Snack

3:15-5:00 (or shortly afterwards)  Indoor and outdoor activities. The afternoon schedule varies depending on weather and special activities. Afternoon snacks, circle and activities will all be part of this time. Around 4:00 pm, children will play outside on our playground and travel indoors to room 1213 for diaper changes and toileting. Around 4:40 pm, these children will move back to room 1216 to close out their day.  

5:00-5:30  Wrapping up our day.  

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