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An Overview of CCS School Events
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This event is designed to help our students to feel at ease and provide an opportunity to see their new classroom, meet the teacher and the other students, and participate in some get acquainted activities etc.

First Day of School Celebration
Educating your children is a high priority for the staff and families of CCS, and we believe the beginning of a school year should be celebrated. When families and staff come together to make "a big deal" about school starting, we send the important message to our children that their education is important.

This sets the stage in a positive way for our partnership with parents in educating the whole child. We celebrate by meeting together in the Dome, where we introduce our yearlong spiritual theme, make some brief announcements; our Senior Pastor dedicates our year to God. Then parents and students are dismissed to walk to their classrooms and spend the first 15 minutes of class together. The schedule is as follows:
8:25 am: the bell rings, signaling all students, parents, and staff to move into the Dome for a celebration. We spend about 20 minutes in the Dome, and then everyone is dismissed to the classrooms.

In the classrooms, each parent and child will be asked to sign the Covenant of Learning, which identifies the roles and responsibility of each member of the academic team.  You will receive a folder with all the important information needed to be informed for the school year, hear what the teacher has to say and then we ask that you kiss your child goodbye and allow the teachers to begin their journey with these precious students.

(Every Monday, K-5 8:45-9:15 in the Dome. Every Wednesday, 6-8 2:10-3:05 )
Our K-5 grade chapels are held weekly, and we are blessed to have Allie Randall lead our K-5 chapels and Matt Lucas our 6th-8th chapels in partnership with Jeanna Hill, our 3-5 music teacher who leads worship.

Back to School Night
This is a parent only event! This evening is designed for you to develop a clear sense of your child's teachers' expectations, daily schedule, grading policy, procedures etc. The evening provides two 45 minute sessions (to allow for you to hear two teacher presentations), with a 5 minute passing period. Parents go directly to the classrooms, and are free to leave after hearing the presentation, or visit with our support staff that will also be available to address questions etc. (music, PE, technology). This is a great time to visit the Tech Lab! Our middle school staff host a separate event to allow parents to hear from all the middle school teachers.

Character Awards Assemblies
Each student in the school will receive a character award once during the year from their classroom teacher. Specific times are listed in each teacher's weekly newsletter. Parents and guests are invited to attend this special time of recognition.

Speech Meet
We are all aware that the greatest fear known to man is public speaking (even more than snakes!).  At CCS, we help children overcome this fear by offering opportunities early in their life for public speaking!
The Speech Meet is an exciting opportunity for students to memorize a Bible passage, poem or story and recite it to their peers. Our 1st and 2nd grade students memorize their passage or poem and share it with their cross age buddies, peers and teacher and receive a language arts grade. Students in grades 3-8th are given the opportunity to present their selection for a panel of three judges, as well as their class and teacher. These judges are community members or parents who volunteer and are trained in the judging process. (Parents never judge in their child's classroom). Students who excel are then given the opportunity to participate in the Speech Meet Finals. Those who chose to are allowed to share their selection with the entire student body at the awards assembly. This event prepares our students for the 8th and 11th grade speech competency assessments required to graduate from public high school. We also partner with Butte College speech majors to assist our students in developing their public speaking skills.

Parent Conferences
At the end of the first trimester, we set aside time for parents to meet with their child's teacher to learn about their child's adjustment, progress and academic goals. Each conference lasts 25 minutes, and we schedule sibling's conferences back to back. The report card is shared and you and your child's teacher will dialogue on how to help your child reach his/her highest potential.
At the end of the second trimester, we provide student led conferences. This conference includes the student in the conference. Depending on the age of the student, the student leads the conversation, sharing with his/her parents how he/she has grown, where he/she feels he/she needs to continue to focus, how his/her parents can help, and what he/she feels best about. Students show their parents samples of their work that demonstrates growth, and allow parents to ask questions.

At the end of the third trimester, report cards are sent home along with SAT scores, no conferences are scheduled, unless a parent or teacher requests one. Each trimester is approximately 12 weeks long, and progress reports are sent home six weeks in between the conference times, along with weekly reports of individual student progress.

Spiritual Emphasis Week
During this week, we focus our attention on our spiritual theme, and allow our students the joy and privilege of worshipping God and learning more about His wonderful character and nature. We meet for chapel daily, and follow up in classroom discussions following chapel.

Open House
This event is designed to allow students to show their parents their classroom, examples of student projects, etc. Many parents also use this occasion to look at the classrooms in the next grade level.

Grandparents Day
This is one of my favorite events of the year! On this special day, we invite grandparents and special friends to come and experience the wonderful learning environment we offer our students at CCS!  Grandparents are invited to come and be blessed with coffee, delicious Great Harvest Bread, and entertainment brought to them by our talented staff and students! This is a minimum day, with the following schedule:
9:00-9:30 am: Grandparents and special friends arrive and are escorted by our middle school students to the foyer of the Dome for refreshments. At 9:30, they are seated with their grandchildren in the Dome and experience an hour of entertainment and comedy emceed by our own staff comedians-Joy Mendon, (alias school nurse) and Bobby Maness (alias tech teacher). Our guests will be presented with brief presentations from all our students, interspersed with gifts for those that traveled the farthest, have the most grandchildren etc.
Following the program, they visit the classrooms and photo stations, etc. At 11:45, school is dismissed so the students can have lunch with their grandparents. This promises to be a day that children and grandparents will look forward to each year!

Father/Daughter Dance
This is one of our most precious events offered at CCS! Fathers and their daughters are invited to a dance where the girls are transformed into princesses and fathers into their "princes'. This is an opportunity for fathers to set the standard for how their daughters should be treated by young men in their future. Desserts are served after the dance lessons!

Mother/Son Event
Each year our talented event coordinator and the room parent coordinator team together to host an action packed event designed to appeal to boys who want to spend time with their moms! Each year provides a new adventure!

Mother/Daughter Event
We also consider how to provide quality time for mom and daughters to enjoy being with each other and friends! This year is a shopping spree to the Galleria mall in Roseville and lunch at a restaurant with the girls."

Father/Son Event
Fathers and sons all head for the coast to camp with other men who love God! This is a city wide event that is hosted by the Citywide Servants Ministry and promoted by CCS to allow fathers and sons to spend time outdoors with other men who love God. They camp at a PG&E camp by the ocean and explore, hike, cook, worship, etc.

The Pinewood Derby
This event allows parents and kids to partner up in making a race car from a block of wood and race against other kids in their age group. An exciting, fun filled family event that promises laughter, cheers and a good dose of healthy competition-watch for the black checkered flags! Pizza lunch and snacks are provided.
8th Grade Graduation
This special celebration allows staff, parents and students to celebrate their learning, success, and unique gifts during their time at CCS.  We strive to create an environment that truly honors our students, and we ask them to share with their families where they feel God is leading them in the future.


 All Events are subject to change and might not be offered each year.

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