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Addressing the Academic Aspect:

The academic aspect of the Optimal Learning Environment includes all areas of academic challenge.

Using the California State Standards (Common Core Standards) as our guide, we strive to create a rigorous learning environment that acknowledges the varied learning styles of students, the need to engage students in the learning process, to ask them to think critically, and to ensure they have the skills needed to succeed in a world that looks far different from the one we encountered.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge kids to reach their highest potential, and is differentiated for the many levels of student ability.

We recognize that the arts, technology, and physical development are also essential to the cognitive development of children. We offer many elective classes and support classes that enhance brain development.

Addressing the Physical Aspect:
At Chico Christian School, we recognize that for a child to reach his/her fullest potential, we must address their physical development. This includes good nutrition, daily exercise and a positive attitude towards lifelong fitness.

Students are provided with 175 minutes of PE each week, taught by a trained PE teacher whose curriculum aligns with the California State Standards.

We provide healthy nutrition in our class celebrations, and offer a nutrition faire that teaches children how to make healthy choices.

We offer several elective classes that allow more competitive students to learn new sports.

Addressing the Social and Emotional Aspect:

This component of our Optimal Learning Environment addresses the development of social skills that prepare students to live wisely with others.

Our key word is RESPECT. Our first responsibility is to model respect for our students, and then we ask them to reciprocate towards the staff and other students.

We emphasize manners, teach conflict resolution skills, hold class meetings where students are asked to problem solve any conflicts occurring between students, and teach the character traits we want to see in kids.

Addressing the Spiritual Aspect:

The spiritual aspect of the Optimal learning Environment is the component of our program that we are most excited about! We appreciate the opportunity to partner with parents in teaching our shared values in the natural learning environment in the classroom, on the playground, as well as in our many support programs.

We accomplish this through an intentional spiritual formation plan which includes weekly chapels, seven BIG ideas that we teach in depth through daily devotions which are combined with a comprehensive Bible memory program. We teach them God's Word through a cohesive Bible curriculum that covers the entire Bible, if a child remains in our program from kindergarten through 8th grade.

We also teach 18 lifeskills that allow children the opportunity to learn how to live life as Jesus did, including ways to resolve conflicts that arise between students.

We acknowledge students' character growth monthly with character awards. Most importantly, we as a staff do our best to model Jesus to our students.
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