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"Over the years we have had many Chico Christian School students come to Chico High School and thrive.  They have been well prepared on so many levels- writing skills, mathematics, computer literacy, public speaking and so much more.  The transition of these students has been remarkably smooth and their continued academic success is a testament to the quality education they have received from Chico Christian School."

Jim Hanlon
Principal, Chico High School

"We came to Chico Christian school when my oldest son was entering the second grade. We had moved around a lot, and my children had changed schools every year since starting pre-school. Our goal in coming to Chico was to settle down and plant roots, so naturally I spent a lot of time researching our educational options. The main things I was looking for were a loving, K-8 environment that would offer "extras" such as music, Spanish, regular physical education and art. CCS met all my basic criteria and more. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of one on one and small group time that took place in the classroom, and, I believe, this made a difference for my son academically. The principal and teachers have also been so loving and eager to make us feel welcome, and we already feel like part of the CCS family after less than a year. I am excited to say that next year both of my older boys will be attending, and I can't wait to see what wonderful things the year will bring."

Bobbie Perez, mother of 4th grade student:
"My daughter is surrounded by authentic and strong role models who serve as our living God in amazing and excellent ways. This is the education and daily environment that I desire for my little girl. Thank you, Chico Christian!"

Wes Hill, father of three CCS students:
"I attended CCS during elementary school in the late 1970's, and all three of my children have now attended CCS for the past seven years. We genuinely love the committment of the teachers and staff to our children's spiritual, academic and personal growth.I cannot say enough about how wonderful the school is for our entire family."


Bonnie, mother of 5th grade student:
"I searched my area over in choosing the best school for my then 5-year-old, kindergarten-ready child (who is now in 5th grade ~ 2011-2012). I went to every private school and one charter school in my area and none of them compared to the excellence at Chico Christian School. 

"What impressed me most was the technology department, broadcasting news station, drama department, music department, PE and sports programs, elective programs, not to mention the beautiful, 32-acre, fenced campus, etc. While public schools cut these essentials out, Chico Christian School provides my son and everyone with amazing academic, social, physical and spiritual opportunities. 

"All the teachers are credentialed and all the teachers are wholeheartedly interested in each student's individual needs. I am convinced that Chico Christian School is the best education for my son money can buy. He has been there for the past five years and i intend for him to graduate 8th grade from CCS.

"PS: Bev Landers is the most amazing school principal I have ever met and the kids LOVE her!"

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